Get your bloom box in Singapore and brighten up any space with vibrant flowers

Flowers are a celebration of nature and everything beautiful. They are used to celebrate love, comfort people in sorrow, and congratulate the achievements of friends and family and whatnot! Flowers can convey messages that words sometimes fail to deliver.

With the tropical climate of Singapore, flowers are abundant and add colors to all aspects of life. So a florist Singapore shop feels like comfort to the eyes with colorful flowers and their mellow fragrances. But some of the flowers are more popular than others. So these are like a must-have for all the florists. Get your bloom box in Singapore and brighten up any space with vibrant flowers.

Here are the most popular flowers in Singapore.

  1. Roses 

These are most popular not only in Singapore but across the globe. They come in an extensive range of colors, sizes, and fragrances. Chinese rose is particularly a favorite of the Singaporean people. Spray roses are also gaining popularity these days.

  1. Tulips 

Apart from roses, these are also used to express love. If someone feels that roses ate too cheesy, tulips are the way to go. At Flower Dome, the world’s largest glass greenhouse, there is a dedicated corner for tulips called Tulipmania. It shows the popularity of this flower in Singapore.

  1. Orchids 

Orchids are a variety of exotic flowers, so it makes sense that they are adorned in Singapore. It is why Vanda Miss Joaquim, a type of orchid, is the national flower of Singapore. Having more than one variety of orchids is a must for any florist Singapore shop.

  1. Lilies 

Lillies are very popular in most south-east Asian countries. Each variety of lily symbolizes something different. But it always comes down to purity and sincerity. Each florist has a bunch of types of lilies all the time.

  1. Sunflowers 

With the bright and sunny climate of Singapore, how can people there not love sunflowers! There is a tourist destination dedicated to this flower – Changi Airport. It has a magnificent collection of numerous varieties of sunflowers. Singapore even has a unique native variety. It is a small weed with purple flowers that adorns all grassy fields, sidewalks, and pedestrians.


Flowers are a necessity for every celebration, funerals, birthdays, and just life. In addition, they hold cultural importance like celebrating Chinese New Year, weddings, etc. With Singapore’s climate, flowers are abundant, reflected in the gorgeous florist shops across the country.

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